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Tattoo meets Tracht - the alternative to traditional costume fashion

André Zechmann, European demand tattoo artist created an exclusive, unusual fashion collection "Tattoo meets Tracht".

As an alternative to leather pants trachtigen presents the fashion label andrezechmann.com a pair of pants - the Tattoo Skin ® - 100% cotton, made ​​in Austria / EU, machine washable so germ-free, produced without leather is so bloodless and painless for animals. The pant includes fascinating, unique tattoo applications and can be designed with laces in addition colored individually.

As a perfect complement to Tattoo Skin ® stylt andrezechmann.com unique polo shirts with refined tattoo print on the collar.
Practical accessories such as mobile phone and iPhone and iPad pockets complete the remarkable fashion collection.

Produced the best fashion products exclusively in Austria and Slovenia, the high quality materials also originate in these countries.
André Zechmann guarantees for Austrian and European quality work!

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André Zechmann is one of worlds most well known and respected tattoo artists. He has proudly won numerous trophies at international conventions for tattoo artists. He is well known far beyond the borders of Styria, Austria. andreart.at is a synonyme for high quality tattoos. Under the navigation point tattoo you'll find informations about tattooing, designs, pictures, tattoo photos, pain, preparation.

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