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Lifestyle - iPad, iPhone, or MacBook ® bags in TattooHaut® style

A real tattoo-meets-costume-fan must of course do not miss our lifestyle collection. Also a trendsetter with exclusive taste will pay particular attention to our lifestyle articles. Lovingly crafted, intelligent details such as * MacBook in the bag, the additional integrated iPad pocket * are not only functional but also a stylish and practical accessory for everyday riding and traveling.

In addition to our lifestyle products we offer original accessories that make our extravagant "TattooHaut®" with an absolutely unique exclusive flair. Any pants can be expanded with special tattoo-meets-costume-suspenders.

For smart and trendy color accents our colorful, well matched to the tattoo applications laces, which are available separately provide.
100% handmade!

* iPad, iPhone, MacBook are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.




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