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The Starline is the exclusive line of André Zechmann collection! The bib design is the great feature. Together with our VIP the appropriate scene is designed and tattooed. The celebrities themselves or selected through competitions fans, etc. are then the lucky one carrier André Zechmann tattoo painting, which from now adorns the bib of the special "vegan leather pants."

The TattooHaut® is made from 100% cotton which is processed in a special process to a textile with suede-like Habtik. 100% handmade!

Here you can find movies about the Starline Tattoohaut Tattoos

Klaus Kröll Starline-"Best of Day" Tattoo Convention Vienna


Red Bull Rotorwings Formations Team- A special design for the Captains of the Clouds


Die Seer Starline- Have a look backstage at the emergence


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