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SteirerJogger, der Jogger im Trachtenlook

100% special cotton | unparalleled comfort compared to leather pants | Handmade in EU

Detailansicht Latz SteirerJogger

The SteirerJogger is made ​​from 100% cotton and at 30 °C machine washable and more hygienic than any leather pants.

Stickerei Hosenrohr SteirerJogger

Quality and attention to detail from vegetable button to intricate embroidery.

Detailansicht SteirerJogger hinten André Zechmann

100% handmade in EU, no mass production to low-wage countries, no products of animal origin.

Rip Bund SteirerJogger

Highest Quality Rip waistband for comfortable, casual wear, with no premature wearing out .


Product Reviews

"The quality is really awesome! Although I have been thinking about the costs very long, but I am glad to have bought the original."
Pia Mitterlehner, Tirol

"The SteirerJogger is a must have, thank you for this great idea! For me it is worth every penny."
Matthias Frohmut, Salzburg


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