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TattooHaut, Hose in Lederhosen-Optik aus 100% Baumwolle mit Tatoomotiven

100% special Cotton | unparalleled comfort compared to leather pants | Handmade in Austria

Tattoohaut Latz

The TattooHaut is made from 100% organic cotton and at 30 ° C machine washable and more hygienic than any leather pants.

Tattoohaut Latz

Quality and attention to detail from the plant knob until the seam. Only selected materials are processed into textile pieces of art.

Tattoohaut Latz

Perfect cut and fit for a guaranteed nice figure. After each wash the TattooHaut is crisp as new!

Tattoohaut Latz

What once was the Knife-Bag is now the iphone case, an additional key bag is housed on screen protector .

Tattoohaut Latz

100% handmade in Austria, no mass production to low-wage countries, no products of animal origin.

Tattoohaut Latz

The bib and embroideries show finished tattoo art by André Zechmann. Guaranteed environmentally friendly photo printing in the bib.

Tattoohaut Latz

Customise your TattooHaut through a huge selection of bands, it always fits with the rest of Style !

Tattoohaut Latz

Show your relationship status or just a little color. Without sweating by the breathable air cotton.


Product Reviews

"Finally no more sweating in leather pants for waiters in the summer. Skin riding tongues on the thighs are of the past thanks to God." Daniel Mairamhof, Krummholzhütte Haus/Ennstal

"I always wipe my dirty hands clean and then I throw the TattooHaut in the washing machine and it is like new."
Karl, Rosenheim

"At first I was a bit skeptical because of its durability and have therefore bought the cheaper model. But then someone touched me with a cigarette and nothing was to be seen!" Phillip, Leoben

"I am vegan- but now I can wear leather pants and no one will notice the difference!"
Ute Bernthaler, Salzburg

"The TattooHaut sitting by the cotton much better than my real leather pants. After washing, it is like a pair of jeans again pretty tight and crisp!" Nathalie, Saalfelden


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