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"It began with an idea. Then came the vision. If you meet the right people, you make a fascinating and beautiful reality.."
André Zechmann

André Zechmann a famous Tattoo artist presents Tattoo fashion with Trachtenlook. When a detail-loving, perfectionist Tattoo artist like Andre Zechmann has an idea great things happen. It began with an idea about a common event project that would present the fascination indicative of the Tattoo scene. Andre has always been seen at the most important Tattoo trade shows wearing traditional Lederhose. As this draws a lot of positive attention, he thought about his own personally designed Lederhose. The overall goal was to combine exceptional clothing with the tattoo art of Andre Zechmann. The difference is that in the making of this extravagant collection, no blood was shed. Therefore, no animals were harmed. And, so, our TattooHaut is made of 100% special cotton. It soon became clear that a fitting line of tops would be necessary to finish off the exclusive assortment.

The relation to tattooing should only be seen through the complete collection under the motto: Tattoo meets Tracht


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