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High Safety with "Pure Water"

Part III, Week 11, 2018

When I started tattooing 15 years ago, the world was different. At that time, various things were misused to make them suitable for tattooing. There were hardly any products specially made for this purpose. Today, for example sterile packaged disposable products have become standard for almost all application areas. As a result, the hygiene standards have improved and customers can be carefree.

But just one existential product has been neglected so far - WATER!

Personally, I initially used ordinary tap water. Fortunately, since I live in an area where the purest spring water flows from the mountains, I did not think anything of it. Until one day I had a problem. A customer had itchy encapsulations formed, which looked like small pimples, because even in the purest mountain spring water are bacteria and germs! Fortunately, these disappeared after a longer time by themselves without further complications, but of course this was a very unpleasant situation for my client and me.

Then I immediately switched to "distilled water" from the hardware store. This battery water may be desalted, but not really germ-free!

Therefore, from now on I used real distilled water from the pharmacy, but this means immense costs.

Many years later, someone tought about the topic of water. A few weeks ago I coincidentally discovered "Hydroliq - Pure Water". "Hydroliq" means cleaned, completely germ-free water, which is specially manufactured for tattooing and other medical applications.

In addition, there is also "Hydroliq concentrate". This is an additive that prevents in combination with the water a germ development in the spray bottle!

Yes- you will not notice any difference in working at the moment. But I don´t want to miss the security this water gives me. What for sterile caps, needles and Co. if you can not be sure that the water is safe!?! Thanks to Hydroliq, I can rule out another potential source of danger!

I highly recommend Hydroliq to anyone, for your own safety and that of your customers!

More on the homepage of the manufacturer: www.hydroliq.com oder deren Facebook Seite!

Great (German) Interview with the Swiss inventor Micha Ziefle on: https://youtu.be/hhVIXfLs0Wk

Liebe Grüße euer Andre


André Zechmann Tattoo Blog

Tattoo preparation and care

Part II, Week 7, 2018

The most important point for the customers is the preparation for the tattoo appointment and the care of the tattoos. Everything else can hardly be influenced by the customer. However, the opinions are different on this topic. There are countless ways to maintain a fresh tattoo. Every tattoo artist has his own experiences and opinions. This is my way. Here I would like to explain today how I help my customers thru long appointments and what care measures I recommend.

The preparation:

The fact that a tattoo is actually an injury is widely known. Over a hundred thousand pinpricks the ink is introduced into the skin. This is of course painful and stresses the body as well as the skin. With me tattoo sessions often take several hours and thus demand a lot from the body. For hours, our body has to fight the pain, which works well if you are in good physical condition. Therefore, you have to be well rested and strengthened for the tattoo appointment.

So you should sleep enough, drink and eat well! But watch out! Coke, energy drinks and sausage are not necessarily what you can call a healthy snack! The sugar in the coke, for example, gives energy, but the caffeine makes restless and this is actually the wrong thing! Dietary fiber, vitamins and high-energy foods are more meaningful! Better you eat, for example, a strength-giving muesli in the morning and take a few power bars with you in the tattoo studio. An electrolyte drink can not hurt either, and some glucose can work wonders for circulatory insufficiency. Of course that's up to you. But no matter what you prefer as a diet- you should not appear tired and hungry for a tattoo appointment!

The care:

When your new tattoo is finished I disinfect it and apply a foil bandage.

Since I tattoo mostly until the evening and my customers then often have a longer trip home in front of me, I always recommend to remove the film dressing the next morning. Then wash the tattoo with water and if available PH-neutral soap and then disinfect with Octenisept Spray. This is a non-alcoholic mucous membrane disinfectant, which thus hardly causes skin irritation. In short, it does not burn :)

Then continue with Panthenol ointment for 2-3 weeks several times a day, so that the wound remains moist. Before always clean it carefully with water.  For the first four days add foil bandage overnight to avoid crusting during sleep. Of course, Octenisept disinfectant spray can be used at any time after washing! Do not forget to wash your hands before tattooing!

During the entire healing process please avoid solarium, sun, chlorine water and bathing!
In order to keep the colors of your tattoo perfect for years, it is necessary to expose as little UV radiation (sun, solarium, etc.) as possible! For sun baths use sunscreen with SPF 50 !!!
Only in this way can permanent color conservation be achieved!

Side effects:
It can come to crust formation if you are careless when creaming - do not remove this crust roughly, it falls off by itself!
Do not panic if the tattoo should initially appear a bit bright and when some skin dissolves.
The permanent creaming may possibly lead to over-greasing of the skin and thus to pimple formation!

I recommend:

In addition, I recommend the use of TATTOOMIN® - the first tattoo care from the inside! It supplies the body with substances such as vitamins, amino acids, glutamine, dextrose, zinc and many more, which it loses during a strenuous tattoo process! My customers and I have achieved the best experience and perfect results. More on the homepage of the manufacturer: www.tattoomin.com

As a care cream, I recommend INK PRODECTOR from DC Invention Company. This is a particularly light-melting after care cream that is easy and pleasant to apply on sensitive skin: www.dcic.eu

OCTENISEPT you get in every pharmacy.

I hope I could help you a bit to make your next tattoo appointment as pleasant as possible,

Greetings your André



Part I, Week 6, 2018

Every day, customers or colleagues ask me a variety of things. What materials or techniques I use, about the best tattoo care, how my clients manage to last so long, or for example how to prepare for the next tattoo appointment.
Many people are confused because they find the strangest answers on the Internet.
So I thought I could share my 15 years of experience with you. That's why every week from now on I'll be posting to an exciting topic in German and English. If you are interested in something special just send me a message!
I will also show you my favorite products that I use out of conviction. That should not necessarily be advertising, but simply reflect my experience!
Of course, I would like to thank all the companies that support me and all the visionaries that make my "tattoo artist life" and that of my customers with each new invention again a little easier! Don't stop it!
Thanks also to my customers and all loyal followers, hope you enjoy this new blog! Maybe you give me feedback in the form of likes or comments, so I know if you like this new idea :)
Greetings your André

thanks to my sponsors

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