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I will create the perfect piece of skin art for you. This needs to be well thought through and requires the best possible physical condition. Lavishly created tattoos cannot be done hastily, they often require extreme physical exertion. Long sessions can take hours of sitting still and may be painful. In order to manage these sessions you should be well rested and have had a good breakfast:) Sessions that take 5, 6 or 7 hours require endurance, but everyone can manage them whether you are big or small, tall or short. Nevertheless, it is important that you keep all this in mind when you make your appointment.

Before we start, we have to create a perfect motif. This usually takes place at the first tattoo appointment! Together we find the right area, size, color, etc.! This can take a few hours, because we leave ourselves time. We will be not disturbed, because I receive a maximum of one customer per day and it is all about you and your dream tattoo! The motive itself you should at least approximately in the head, the rest I care for you! Afterwards the tattoo is done and the day is almost over! Therefore you should take a little food with you, so that you can strengthen your body all day long.

Please note that due to this procedure I do not have official opening hours. You should not be disappointed when you find closed doors. I can only receive customers after prior agreement! Please also have patience with calls, when I am at work I can not answer each call immediatly! Best you write first a mail with your wishes! Of course, we can talk or write about your wishes, your ideas an anything else you want, you can send me your ideas or pictures and so on, the rest we will fix at your "tattoo day" ;) info@andreart.at
You must be at least 16 years old (a signed consent by your parents is required). If you are over 18 years old it is your own decision.

My tattoo studio, including all equipment, complies with the current sanitary regulations of the Republic of Austria and is controlled through an accredited authority once a year. Cigarettes and animals must stay outside.

Extraordinary tattoos need special care!

Lavishly created tattoos strain the skin. Professional aids guarantee the perfect healing process for your delicate tattoo.
During your appointment I will tell you how to take care of your new tattoo. Please do not buy ordinary crèmes beforehand. If you follow my recommendations I can promise you a smooth healing process without the loss of color. Keep in mind that the process of healing will take about 4 weeks and that the tattoo must not be exposed to UV- or sunlight during this time.

Andre Zechmann, austrian tattooist

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