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"FLYING PHOENIX TATTOO" The Viral Facebook Hit! More than 38.000.000 (38mio) Views!

Almost overnight the video of the "flying phoenix" spread over the whole world. News from around the globe have been reporting daily about the famous tattoo and its creator André Zechmann. André Zechmann was not an unknown person before. By participating in international tattoo conventions, his name was already known a few years ago. Numerous trophies he calls his own and not least therefore, customers from all over the world appreciate the quality of his realistic tattoo art!

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During my childhood my exceptional talent as a painter and illustrator attracted a significant amount of attention. I scribbled and drew on everything within my reach - nothing was safe.

After elementary and secondary modern schools and a few years of high school I started an apprenticeship as a graphic designer where I worked for almost 20 years. I also collected experience during this time as varnisher and airbrush artist. Luckily, this time turned me into a perfectionist which is extremely valuable for the quality of my tattoos.

Through many coincidences as well as help of friends I have been active within the tattoo art scene since 2003. My friends "forced" me to buy some used tattoo equipment.

Half a year later I passed the qualifying examination, which is mandatory in Austria to obtain a legal license in order to operate a certified tattoo business. From this moment on I started to tattoo every chance I got.

Through continuous commitment, I refined my handcraft until 2011 when I finally made the decision to quit my job as graphic designer in order to have even more time to design and create extraordinary pieces of tattoo art.

During this process it became necessary to focus my work on a specific style of art. I have always been fascinated by realistic pieces of art. Therefore, it was clear that my work had to evolve in this direction.

Inspired by incredible talented tattoo artists around the world, I am driven to create the perfect piece of tattoo art. Will I ever mange to create it? For me as a perfectionist and workaholic this task seems to be impossible, but looking back my skills have evolved far beyond of what I ever dreamed off. This gives me hope ;)

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